R-MC Thoburn Group

Meet the Group Members:

Check out the contributions of the many student researchers who have participated in the research program. This is also a good place to learn about student outcomes after graduation. For the latest news, go to the Randolph-Macon College Chemistry Alumni page.

Learn about Dr. Thoburn and see a list of publications and presentations here.

Would you like to join the group?

I'm always looking for independent, resourceful students interested in pursuing research projects in my lab.

Undergraduates interested in research opportunities will find project descriptions on the homepage.

Brian Imsick Dana Peles Ellen Sakell Daryl Guthrie Ryan Smith Andrew Higgins Caroline Pharr Tracy Wagner Lauren Aubin Jack Sadowsky Denise Nakawatase Michael Bedard Elias Dakwar Mia Berrettini Joshua Roth Vivien Chou
Huy TrieuHuy Trieu
Jack TranJack Tran
Long Nguyen
Caroline GuillebaudCaroline Guillebaud
Katherine Nguyen Katherine Nguyen
Sandra Tobias John D Thoburn

Where are they now?

Former and current undergraduate researchers supervised by Dr. Thoburn.